Ralph Springfeld, MD - CV

1981- 1987  College of Medicine University of Rostock (Germany)
1987- 1989  Fellowship Pathology Bezirkskrankenhaus Schwerin (Prof. Dr. med. habil. Möbius)
20.09.1988  Degree of doctor medicinae (MD) at the University of Rostock (magna cum laude)
1989- 1993  Fellowship Orthopedics at Klinikum Schwerin (Head: Dr. med. J. Fritsch and Dr. med. H.- H. Springer)
1993- 1996  Consultant of Orthopedics at Klinikum Schwerin Focus: Tumor surgery and Foot surgery
1996- 2004  Oberarzt at Medizinischen Zentrum Schwerin Head of Orthopädischen Wacheinheit
2004- 2005 Interdisciplinary Department for the diabetic foot in cooperation with the Departments of Diabetology, Angiology and Vascular surgery at Helios Klinik Schwerin
Sept.  2005 Acknowledgement: Spezielle Orthopädische Chirurgie; ÄK M/V
Since 2005 Head of the Clinic for Orthopedics/Foot Surgery at Clinic Dr. Guth  Hamburg, Department with 1.000 surgeries at the Foot p.a.
Surgical Focus:

Complex forefoot reconstruction, fore foot- revision surgery
Rear foot deformities (degenerative, posttraumatic)
Neurologenic disorders( post Polio deformity, HSMN, tendon rebalancing)
Peripheral nerve decompression
Diabetic foot syndrom with reconstruction of Charcot Arthropathy
Minoramputation and technical orthopedics
Stump correction after minor- and below knee amputations.
Foot reconstruction in rheumatory arthritis
Total Ankle Arthroplasty
Tumor surgery at the foot
Fracture treatment (Lisfranc and Chopart joint, ankle fractures)
Achilles tendon reconstructionen (primary and secondary)
Axis correction of the calf

1993  Shoulder sugery, Dr. Blatter; St. Gallen (CH)
1994  Tumor surgery in Orthopedics, Prof. Winkelmann; Universität Münster (D)
1995  Endoprosthetic Surgery of hip and knee, Dr. V. Förster, Endoklinik ; Hamburg (D)
2000  Rheuma Surgery, Dr. Dietze; Skien (Norwegen)
2001  Rheuma Surgery, Dr. Dietze; Skien (Norwegen)
2005  Foot Surgery, Dr. Grady; Chicago (USA)
2008  Sports Medicine at the Foot, Dr. Saxena; Palo Alto (USA)
Scientific Work:

1987- 1989 Anatomical studies: Morphology of the Foot
Since 1996 Member of the „Gesellschaft für Fußchirurgie (GFFC e.V.)“
Since 1998 Instructor in Resident- Fellowship- Program Foot surgery with the Resident Programs in Chicago, Atlanta, Palo Alto, New Haven, San Antonio, St. Louis (USA)
1999- 2003 Assistant Professor of Orthopedics at the SWS- Physiotherapieschule Schwerin
2004- 2006 President of „Gesellschaft für Fußchirurgie e.V.“ (www.gffc.de)
Since 2005 member of the Expert Group in Medical Law Suites of the German States
Since 2006  Head of the Task force Charcot Arthropathy der GFFC e.V.
Since 2014 founding member and treasurer of the AFDS (Association of  Diabetic Foot Surgeons