Programme highlights 


•       What's new on amputation prevention strategies worldwide

•       Offloading

•       Surgical approach of infection and osteomyelitis

•       Prophylactic surgery

•       Charcot foot: medical and surgical treatment

•       Timing of revascularization and local surgical treatment

•       Video sessions from the operating room

•       Clinical cases

•       Poster and Communication sessions

•       Workshops

Speakers and chairs:

  • Luca Dalla Paola, Italy
  • Alberto Piaggesi, Italy
  • Armin Koller, Germany
  • Daniele Adami, Italy
  • Javier Aragon Sanchez, Spain
  • David Armstrong, USA
  • Chris Attinger, USA
  • Franco Bassetto, Italy
  • Giacomo Clerici, Italy
  • R. Ferraresi, Italy
  • Robert Frykberg, USA
  • Mauro Gargiulo, Italy
  • John Giurini
  • Venu Kavarthapu, UK
  • Sigurd Kessler, Germany
  • Klaus Kirketerp-Møller, Denmark
  • José Luis Lazaro Martinez, Spain
  • Nina Petrova, UK
  • Jan Rumbaut, Belgium
  • Eric Senneville, France
  • Kristien van Acker, Belgium
  • Maarit Venermo, Finland
  • Dane Wukich, USA
  • Virna Zampa, Italy
  • Thomas Zgonis, USA

Congress organisation

Congress president: Luca dalla Paola

Scientific responsible: Alberto Piaggesi and Luca dalla Paola


A-DFS board:

Chairman Armin Koller - Germany

Vice Chairman Luca Dalla Paola - Italy

Scientific Vice Chairman Thomas Zgonis - United States

Secretary Klaus Kirketerp-Møller - Denmark

Treasurer Ralph Springfeld - Germany

Board member Sigurd Kessler - Germany

Board member Alberto Piaggesi - Italy

Board member Jan Rumbaut - Belgium